About Room to Improv

Room To Improv. Asian-American. Improvised. Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Safety net-less!

Since 2002, Room To Improv has been entertaining audiences with its brand of improvisation.  Founded by Elvin Lubrin, Room To Improv seeks to create a space for Asian Americans to tell stories and to examine issues that are humorous to a diverse audience.  RTI appeals to the young and young-at-heart.  Our comedy is equal opportunity, much like applying for a job, or the flu.

Room To Improv has performed across the country at colleges and festivals as well as local hospitals and community events.

•That’s Sooo Vegas! – 2009 East West Players One Night Only
•2008 NAAAP Convention Opening Night Reception
•City of Carson – Asian Pacific Day 2008
•2007 FANHS Conference
•LAAVAA Slam 2008 with Nation of Improv
•Asian American Health Care Venture 2006, 2007
•MEZÇLÃO Presenta: Commedia, Tragedia, Baila, Poesia y Musika 2007
•Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture 2002-2007
•2007 San Diego FilAm Fest
•Texas A&M University 2006
•Silverhouse Theatre, Houston, Texas 2006
•Out of Bounds Improv Festival, The Hideout Theatre, Austin, Texas 2006
•Pitzer College 2005
•Philippine American Expo, Los Angeles Convention Center 2005
•Sipa Super Summer Celebration 2005
•Sala Cafe, Chicago, Illinois 2005
•MAFA 2005, Michigan State University 2005
•The Movement, Atlanta, Georgia 2004
•Post Modern American Pilipino Performance Project 2004
•UCLA APEyes 2004
•Historic Filipinotown Anniversary Celebration 2004
•North Hollywood Theatre and Arts Festival 2003
•Bindlestiff Studio 2003
•Cal State Northridge’s SPAHM Showcase 2002, 2003, 2007
•Cal State Los Angeles’ House Blend Series 2003
•Cal State Long Beach’s PAC/Kappa Psi Epsilon Pilipino Christmas Festival 2003
•Philippine Cultural Arts Festival 2003
•University of Southern California PCN 2003
•21XL’s Exposure Tour: Alameda, Anaheim and San Diego 2003
•The Best Damn Comedy Show! 2003
•Tuesday Nights at the Café 2003-2006
•NOMMO 2003
•Buss’ a Cap Improv Battle 2003
•Northridge Medical Center 2003

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