Room to Improv’s NEW Artistic Director!

Room to Improv’s NEW Artistic Director is…

::insert drumroll here::

Earl Baylon

hot sex on a platter

… the ever hilarious, EARL BAYLON!

Let me be the first on this blog to welcome Earl into this new position. I can speak for the rest of ROOMies when I say that we are all excited for this next step.

It was such a blow to lose Marc Macalintal – he was our fearless leader for 7 years and one of the original players – but, we do understand his decision… I mean, how can we stop anyone from pursuing their dream? Best of luck, Marc. You are missed.

Earl definitely has some big shoes to fill, but have you seen his feet? You know what they say… big feet means that he is completely capable of running an Asian-American Improv Troupe! Or something like that. He brings a lot of knowledge, experience, and a genuine love for improvisation which only inspires the rest of us.

So, let’s all give Earl a warm round of applause and, in true Room To Improv fashion, a loud WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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One Response to Room to Improv’s NEW Artistic Director!

  1. earlish says:

    Holy hell. Scariest picture EVAR!

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